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Group Training

The environment for learning and practicing Krav Maga in a well-established organization.

The lessons are structured for teaching basic and advanced skills in a controlled environment under the guidance of qualified and skilled instructors who are passionate about community empowerment.


There are three sessions in a school year:

Fall Session - runs from September through December

Winter Session - runs from January through April 

Spring Session - runs from May through June


Students can chose to sign up to train once per week of twice per week.

The general classes offer:

Training by experienced teachers on a regular (scheduled) basis to introduce the discipline and hone the abilities of the student. This provides the best results and will improve the skill level/abilities of the student consistently over time.

Regular training will allow the student to maintain a high level of preparedness and develop the ability to defend themselves against different types of attacks under a variety of situations.

An established process of development and achievement through an organized rank system based on the TKM formal material handbook.

It is important to understand that learning any martial art is a discipline - a way of life – that helps develop a significant improvement in the student’s abilities and self-confidence, both physically and mentally - and improve their overall quality of life.

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