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Women Exclusive Krav Maga Programs

Perpetrators (domestic or stranger) often perceive women as "easy pray". Krav Maga training supports women's combat propensity and empowers them to respond to threats, dangerous situations and attacks. A perpetrator who mounts an assault on a Krav Maga women practitioner or her family is likely to be overwhelmed by her response.


Unfortunately, with much of the violence in the world aimed at women of all ages (rape, robbery, physical abuse, etc.), it has become imperative for women to know how to size a potential threat and react to protect themselves. For this reason the TKM organization has set up specific workshops geared towards girls and women.

Main Topics:

  • General training including safety measures and precautions to prevent and address the risks of violence.

  • Hand Strikes, Kicks and the use of common objects as defensive weapons.

  • Basic defenses; escape from attacks; release from grabs, bear hugs and choke holds; escape from attacks on the ground, Defense from knife, and blunt object  threats and assaults.

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