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Traditional Krav Maga class for Bereisheet B'not Mitzvah Program Participation Waiver

I approve to have my photos that were taken during the class to be posted on:


QUALIFIED HEALTH student warrants and represents that he/she is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to participate in the activities offered in this session and that he/she has no disability, impairment or ailment that would present a health risk as a result of such participation. If you have any injuries, physical limitations or any doubt as to your condition, you should consult your personal physician prior to engaging in these activities.


The Student understands and acknowledges that there is inherent risk associated with many physical activities including the practice of Krav Maga and other forms of self-defense. Student and or legal guardian voluntarily accepts these risks and hereby releases Pavel-Traditional Krav Maga, CORE The center Of Fitness, LLC and Camali, LLC, its Owners and Employees, International and any other affiliated organizations, all Instructors, other students, and other participants in connection with Traditional Krav Maga from any liability that might arise as a result of any injury that may occur.



By submitting this waiver, I certify that I have read, I understand and I agree to the terms of this agreement.


Participant's full name (Parent/Legal Guardian's name if Student is under 18 years of age):                     

Thank You! Your Submission was recoreded.

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